The L’Ancresse Golf Club was formed in 1895 initially as an Artisan Club and was situated on top of The Doyle, near what is now the 14th Green. The course is shared with our neighbours, The Royal Guernsey Golf Club.

The great game of golf has been played on the L’Ancresse Common almost continuously since then, with just a short interruption due to the occupation of the Islands during the second world war.

In 1932, legislation was passed handing control of the L’Ancresse Common to the Vale Commons Council. Non-exclusive rights to play golf was afforded to the two clubs and the course is leased from the VCC, with the current terms set to be renegotiated in 2041.

More recently, in 2022, L’Ancresse Golf Club recognised the increase in the popularity of golf in the community, in particular with ladies and aligning with modern society, playing membership was opened-up to female members for the first time.

L’Ancresse Golf Club prides itself on being a welcoming club whilst providing access to a picturesque and championship length links.

The recently refurbished clubhouse provides a facility where members can de-brief their game with old and newly found golfing friends too.