Care on the Course

Advice to non-golfers/walkers/visitors of the Common Advice to non-golfers in the area of the Golf Course on the Vale Commons

The Golf Course forms about one half of the Vale Commons. It is not the exclusive preserve of Golfers, but there are regulations which affect non-golfers and their animals in the area of the Course.

The Ordinance (XI of 1932) charges the Council with the "Control and Supervision of the Commons Act". At 18(2), it makes it an offence for a person to "by his actions or by his refusal to on demand to do what is asked to do what is asked of him to impede a game or entertainment in progress".

Of course non-golfers may walk across the Golf Course when play is in progress, but they are asked to avoid the greens and to cross the fairways by the shortest route. It is also advised that dogs are kept on the lead and a watchful eye be kept open for flying golf balls. Persons hearing the call "FORE" are being warned that play is in progress and that they should clear the Course promptly.

The Council and others, take a friendly approach to infringements if they have occurred through lack of understanding on the part of the walker, dog owner or golfer, but in extreme cases, it may report a person who they believe is guilty of an offence, with a view of prosecution.

The Council asks everyone to take a common sense approach to walking on or near what is a very busy Golf Course, as well as a popular area of natural beauty.

Please do not obstruct the playing of Golf and stay clear of the Course as much as possible. If you do have to enter the Fairway, take the shortest route and exit as soon as it is practical to do so.

This information has been kindly provided by the Commons Council.

For further information, please contact Senior Ranger Rita Marquand on 07790017034 or Email Vale Commons Council


Golfers - Please find attached a guide to safe play on the Course. Your safety is paramount, so please take care while playing our beautiful game.