L’Ancresse Golf Club prides itself in its diverse friendly Membership of 320 members.

Our Club ethos is of togetherness and the inclusion of all. Saturday sponsored qualifying Competitions throughout the season are normally filled quickly. A sincere thank you from the Club and Members is given to our fantastic Sponsors (please see who our Sponsors are via the "Golf/Competition" menu). There are over 30 Fixtures during the year, which include home and away Competitions, Senior Competitions, Inter Club Competitions and charity fixtures.

Our famous Morning and Afternoon Winter League Competitions, keep your competitive side in focus and are an envy of many clubs. Always over subscribed, names are put down as soon as the competition is up on the Competition Board!

We also have single and pair knock-out Competitions during the season to further the golfing fix!

We have playing places available for the 2020 season. Call 01481242634 or email for more information on our playing member categories available.


Club Subs:-
Under 65 - £305.00
Over 65 - £255.00
Registered Member - £445.00 (no joining fee)
Registered Member 65+ - £395.00 (no joining fee)
Over 80 - Free
Club Card - £70.00

Green Fees:-
All Playing Members (over 30) - £425.00
26 - 30 years old - £319.00
22 - 25 years old - £213.00
7 day student - 21 year old - £142.00

Union Fees:-
Hampshire Golf Union - £6.80
English Golf Union - £9.00
Guernsey Golf Union - £6.00
Note: These fees are all applicable to every member EXCEPT THOSE WHO ARE SHOWN AS "AWAY" in our handicap list.

Subject to availability:-
Locker Fee - £25.00/year (Deposit - £75.00)
Trolly Shed Space - £15.00/year (No Deposit)

Further Option:-
Hole in One "Insurance" - £5.00

EXAMPLE:- If you are over 30 and subscribe to NO additional options, a new member would pay £821.80 *. "The Full Monty", i.e - Locker, Trolly Shed, Hole in One, your yearly cost is £866.80 *.


All members under 70 years are required to subscribe to our club card system and place £70.00 each year on the card.
This is to be spent at the Clubhouse during a calendar year - 31st January - 30th December. If you do not spend your initial £70.00, during the year - you forfeit any balance remaining.
Spend your initial £70.00 and top up (minimum £30.00) during the current year and any balance remaining will be carried over to the next year.
Any top up receives an extra 10% courtesy of the Club.

* Joining Fee £750 Payable over 3 years (other options available)

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