An update from the Captain

Match report for May 2016

The match v Walton Heath was a poor result for L’Ancresse going down by 17 matches to 3. We were going to play the match off scratch. But when Walton Heath did see how many low handicap players we in the party coming over, they decided to play the match off handicap. Off scratch the score line would have been better for L’Ancresse but the result would still have been a win for Walton Heath.

The whole trip was a great success all be it 45 members in the party.

The hospitality from The Walton Heath members is second to none. The welcome evening put on by the members on the Thursday was great, maybe too much falling down liquid was consumed by the L’Ancresse players on the Thursday night my self-included.  That may have contributed to the match result.

The presentation dinner was very well attended with a full restaurant in the parent Club. (for those of you who have not been to Walton Heath before, the restaurant is quite large)

The meal was excellent Ken Carre thought it was the best ever, the bar staff were very good to staying open quite late.

The Pro was very helpful throughout the whole week end even supplying some free trolleys on the Sunday for us.

I have sent e-mails to Walton Heath Artisan club. Thanking them for a wonderful weekend also to the parent Club and the club Pro


The day was the best I could of  hoped for. From the first ball being struck to the last the sun was shining and no wind.

140 players and the weather perfect I thought the scores would be low , I was not disappointed 43 points by Ashley Dye.

The gifts I received on the day were very much appreciated.

The dinner in the evening was also very well attended by 86 members and guests. The food was very good, and the money raised from the raffle and donation’s by members and guests amounted to over £800.

Piccadilly Cup

Team Captain Colin Bourgaize had a difficult job in picking the team for the match.

The Foursomes match in the morning went very well for L’Ancresse . Winning by 3 matches to 1.

The singles was not so easy with L’Ancresse going down by 4 ½ matches to 3 ½. But this left the L’Ancresse with a victory by 6 ½. To 5 ½.

Well done B team.


Team Captain Jamie Blondel.

He to had a difficult time picking the first team , but he came out with a good one.

The morning foursomes was the same as the B team a win by 3 matches to 1. a notable win Tim Carter& Andy Harte over Bobby and Andy Eggo by 7/6.

Afternoon singles was a different story, with some very tight matches. But the Royal coming out  the better in the singles by 5 matches to 3.

Making the over all score 6 matches each, therefore the L’Ancresse retaining the Shield.

That is two more trophies to go back in the cabinet.

I  Was very disappointed  by the lack of support by some L’Ancresse  and Royal members for not attending the dinner after the match.

Never the less a good result for L’Ancresse.

July Report.

Veterans Match V RJGC Monday 18th July 2016.

The match on the Monday foursomes was played in very good sprite, with a good result for L’Ancrese, winning by 3 matches to 2.

This was followed a two-course dinner after the match, and was appreciated by all.

Wednesday 20th.  The singles match was a much tighter affair. Again it was played in very good sprit resulting in 5 matches each.

This gave us a winning match result by 8 matches to 7. Another trophy to go back in the cabinet.


Challenge Trophy Sunday 24th  of July

L.G.C Seniors RJGC Seniors.

Jersey were late in arriving being delayed by one hour because of fog at the airport.

So it was decided to play the match by four. 4 ball better ball games, instead of 8 singles to allow time for lunch and presentation after the match.

The result of the 4 ball match went very well for us with a win by 3 ½  matches to ½ .

This also another trophy to go in the cabinet, making a total of 4 trophies going in the cabinet This year.


The Henderson match play final was played in June. This was won by Garry Wade beating Mark Bertrand 3/2, the presentation was made up at the Royal Golf Club.

July/August Report 2016

C. I. Interclub Weekend at Grouville.

This was not a very good weekend for the L’Ancresse team, with some players not performing as well as expected, and with absence of Steve Mahy and Danny Blondel, the team was always going to struggle. In the end we lost 7 ½ to 4 ½  to La Moye.

The match with Royal Jersey was always going to be a hard match, this was the case again with some players not performing as well as they can. Once again we didn’t have a full team, one player was not match fit and one senior team player played 72 holes in two days, which proved too much. He did apologize for his poor showing and said never again will I play 72 holes in two days. Therefore we lost 9 ½ to 2 ½  to Royal Jersey.

But I must take my hat off  to Wayne Moore  and Tom Pattimore for their efforts in playing in both matches, well done to both of them. Their efforts were rewarded by being picked for the Island Team.


The fixture with the Ladies was not very well supported by the men of L’Ancresse, never the less the fixture still went ahead.

A good day was had by one and all, good weather good company and a good meal provided by Laila, with the ladies saying how good it was. Once again Sponsored by Dave Sheppard. The Lady Captain , Dave Sheppard and myself agreed to hold the fixture at L’Ancresse again next year.

The fixture being won by Pete Le Sauvage and Mary Holier-Hill.


The Roy Martel Trophy with the Juniors was well supported by L’Ancresse men providing a team of ten players.

The match was played over ten singles off handicap, some of the very young juniors if they continue to play as they get older they will become very good players in two or three years’ time, making the junior club quite strong .They proved to be too strong for L’Ancresse with their high handicaps taking the honours by 6 ½ to 3 ½ .

Inter Island Match September 2016

The Island Match v Jersey was very well organized by the G.G.U. The whole team were very well behaved, on Saturday, the4 ball and foursomes did not go well for Guernsey the team played well but lacked a little fight in their determination they did their best but Jersey were too strong in depth for Guernsey.

The Sunday singles matches were no better, Guernsey played well tee to green, but on the putting green we were no match for Jersey.

After the match and Presentation, the dinner was very good and the team well behaved all though some did drink a little too much beer and wine.

Speeches were good, and the one by Daniel Griggs was very good and well received. All went well albeit a bit noisy by the end of the day.

Match v St Clements September 2016

The match over all was played in good spirit, as  always, and very enjoyable.

Match result did not go our way, losing over the two legs by 13  games to 15.

Going over on the Thursday evening and coming back on the Sunday lunch time in my opinion was too long, too much hanging around time, going over on the Friday morning by air and coming back by air the Saturday evening would have been better, and probably  no more expensive.

Playing a game at Royal Jersey on Friday morning was very good indeed.

Triangular Match v R.G.G.C. La Moye G.C. & L’Ancresse G.C. September 2016

Again this turned out to be a good social event as most are. Hosted by the L’Ancresse with all three clubs mixing well in good humour and spirit.

The result was not very good for L’Ancresse, the match being won by Royal Guernsey with a total of 265pt La Moye 242pt and L’Ancresse 241pt.

If Tony Blondel and Mike Owen had pulled their finger out we would have come a good second.

Match with St Pierre Park August 2016

Eventually got under way on the 28th of August with everything going well, even the match result was good for L’Ancresse, winning by 5 matches to 3. The lunch after the match was very good and well received by St Pierre Park.

Match v Alderney October 2016.

The trip to Alderney on the Saturday went very well for L’Ancresse. Flights departing on time. Coach transfers to and from the golf club went very well.

Host Alderney G.C.  were very accommodating and their hospitality was excellent. The meal was something different, Bangers and Mash with wine on the table what could go wrong.

Match result L’Ancresse winning over all 8 ½ to 6 ½


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