Walton Heath 1953

OK gentleman. Let’s see if we can put some names to the faces of the gentlemen in this photo.

I know a few in the front row, Roy Mahy, Gerry Le Noury and Johnny Heaume amongst them.

Let me know if you recognise any of the faces.The LGC v Walton Heath Team of 1953



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2 Responses to Walton Heath 1953

  1. Alan Mahy says:


    Third from left on the back row is Fred Mahy and I think extreme left on the front row is Nick Heaume.

    Are all of these people those who are on the board behind the bar? – If yes then it is going to be a process of elimination putting a face to a name


    • Captain says:

      Hi Alan

      Do you mean extreme right as I had an idea that was Nicko when I looked at it. Roy Mahy, Gerry Le Noury and Johnny Heaume are all in the front row.

      Am going to put this up in the club. Pedo reckoned he would know them all but we’ll see.

      Can we discuss the seniors at some point soon. We need to see who is available for the match v RJGC on the 8th July.