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Established 1895

2018 Captain - Keith Dye

February 2018

Gentleman – Apologies for the late (very late) first entry of 2018 on the Captains Blog!

Drive In

Let me start by saying a massive thank you to all who braved the elements on Sunday 7 January.

For those who witnessed the inaugural speech, it certainly reached “new heights” for the incoming Captain!!!

The support by the hardy few, who huddled around the green in my own personal “Hurricane Le Lacheur”, was much appreciated.

My chosen charities:- namely Clic Sargent and Diabetes – Guernsey, were delighted to see a starting collection of over £600 between them – thank you all who contributed.

To my family, volunteers and staff on that day, a huge thank you.

What a start to my year –

Many congratulations to those who have again braved the winter weather and supported the very popular winter-league programme.

To all of our ‘new’ members, a warm welcome to the L’Ancresse Golf Club.

I hope you enjoy your golf and our amenities in ‘your club’, as we pride ourselves in having an honest and friendly golf club to be enjoyed by all members.

Our bar facilities, and our friendly staff, are there for you to enjoy, including a limited but excellent choice of foodstuffs, always pleasantly supplied by Iveta, our Bar Manager.

I am sure you will not be disappointed with what is available in our bar, including our meat draws, lottery draws and, of course, meeting new friends and associates.

Captains Charity Draw

Many thanks to all of you who continue to support my draw which will ensure increased donations to my charties.

Competitions (Walton Heath)

To those who have signed up for the Walton trip in April, many thanks – it will once again, after all these years, be a tremendous trip.

To the ‘new’ members on the trip, hopefully this will be a first of many visits to play , on what is after all,  the opportunity to play on ‘2’ Ryder Cup venue courses.

St Clements (April 13-14)

Info will be posted on the notice board ASAP, to allow names to be put forward, for this very popular visit by our Jersey oppos.

Other Competitions

The Henderson Qualifying and the Pro Shop Challenge competition sheets will be posted soon.

Please remember that your elected committee, along with Kevin (Club Office manager), plus myself and Micky (Mr Vice) are always on hand to deal with any concerns/issues that anyone may have regarding “your Club”.

I would like to end this 1st edition of ‘My Blog’ by thanking all those who have sent me e-mails, phone messages and cards, over the past weeks, showing your support for my personal loss.  It has been immensely appreciated.

It goes without saying that I am hugely proud to be your Club Captain and representative for this great Golf Club.

I will do my utmost to uphold the traditions that the Club is renowned for.

Finally, have a great golfing year on the L’Ancresse Links.

Your Captain

March 2018


Now that the clocks have changed and the ‘Winter Leagues’ are done and dusted, it must be time to start another fine weather golfing season.


Unfortunately, due to the weather, the Henderson was reduced to a single round, yet still managed to produce some great scores.  Congratulations go to those who progressed through to the match play states.

The Pro-Shop Challenge on Saturday 7 April.

A full entry sheet is a credit to the membership showing appreciation to Chris Douglas on his final sponsorship competition for L’Ancresse Golf Club.  I am hoping to see a ‘HUGE’ turnout for this presentation and to show support to someone who has looked after us L’Ancresse boys over the years.

Please do your best to show up, albeit even for a short while.

The St Clements visit on 14, 15 & 16 April.

Thank you to all who have and are once again supporting this very popular match.

Pairings for the match will be posted ‘early’ on the board to give players ‘advanced notice’ of their tee-off times, so that they can arrive at the Club at the correct time.

Thank you to the ‘new’ members who have put their names forward, it bodes well for the continuation of this particular match.

The ‘AWAY’ trip to St Clements in August/September is currently being looked at, with information on final itinerary being posted shortly.

Hampshire ‘7’s’: L’Ancresse v St Pierre Park

Immediately after the ‘Highs & Lows’ of the St Clements match and the realisation of how much money was lost on the Grand National between us all, we have our ‘Team’ of L’Ancresse boys playing at L’Ancresse against St Pierre Park.

Tee-offs commences at approx. 09:00.

If you are out and about, give the boys some support.

We wish them “Good Luck”.

Captain’s Charity Draw:

Finally, a huge thank you to all who remained on, or joined recently, to this very worthy Charity Draw.  My two charities will be more than pleased.

Well done to the January and February winners.


Your Captain

17 April 2018


St Clements visit

Once again, the visit of our friends from St Clements Golf Club in Jersey (28 players), was a resounding success.

It was an unfortunate misunderstanding regarding the Friday 13th, golf at L’Ancresse with GGU Team Golf via a shotgun start closing the course for the day.

However, La Grande Mare was the alternative venue and the St Clements lads managed to play 18 holes of golf there.

It wasn’t perfect conditions, somewhat like the ‘Horseracing Fraternity’ would put it, it was soft in places, very soft in others, and that was just the fairways apparently.

Match day was blessed with sunshine and a great day was had by everyone.

Blue skies and blue seas on Saturday was much more the case, rather than the blue language after Fridays “Swampathon”.

Friendships going back many years, and in some cases many, many, many years were once again rekindled in this very popular match.

A mixture of scores came in from both sides, culminating in a very close finish at 7-7.

A draw overall, giving L’Ancresse the edge and retaining the shield.

Lunch followed by the Grand National ended a superb day.

My thanks to all who assisted in the organisation of this fixture, especially the two Peters, Blondel and Le Sauvage.

Hampshire ‘7’s – Sunday 15 April

After the Lord Mayors weather of Saturday, back to the rain on Sunday.

But, as usual, our lads braved the elements and played some great golf in atrocious conditions to beat a very spirited team from St Pierre Park.  So, well done to the two Danny’s, Tim, Arthur, Mick, Stevie and 1st Team organiser Jamie.

A 4½ - 2½ win means that L’Ancresse progress through to the next round where they play La Grande Mare.

To both teams, caddies, supporters, very well done in very difficult conditions.

Finally, many thanks to one and all who helped to swell the charity‘s boxes over the weekend.


Your Captain

5 May 2018

Firstly, congratulations to the C.I. Team beating a Hampshire squad last weekend. The weather wasn’t too good, but the result was excellent.

Well done to Danny Blondel, Jamie Blondel, Tim Carter (L’Ancresse) and Daniel Griggs (Royal).

Final result – Channel Islands 6 ½ - Hampshire 5 ½

Walton Heath Trip

My thanks to all those who travelled, and making this very popular trip another huge success.

Thanks also to Gary King for his help as usual with Clubs.  To Kevin, Alan and Andy for your assistance in team selections.

Hospitality, along with rekindling friendships was once again very evident over the weekend.

The Match day was unfortunately marred by poor weather conditions.  Nevertheless, it was not all bad.  After losing the morning matches 7-3, we actually managed to win the afternoon rubber 5½ - 4½ to get a 11½ - 8½ losing result.  Apparently one of the best results for a few years away at Walton Heath.

To the ‘9’ newbies on the trip, I hope you were all suitably pleased with your weekend and that you will think about returning again over the next few years. New blood for this fixture will always be appreciated.

Thank you for your support this year.


Heritage Challenge Trophy19 May 2018

A great entry for this very popular trophy.

Pembroke Cup v Royal Lades

Keep an eye out for the list for this enjoyable social match against the Royal Ladies followed by a light meal.


Your Captain